Verona from Pentax SV

Camera : Pentax SV | Lens : Super Takumar 55mm & 35mm| f1.8 & f3.5 | Film : Fujicolor Superia X-tra 400

Location : Verona, Italy | July 2017

Located in the nothern part of Italy, the city of Verona continues to reflect the wealth and beauty that characterized it in its Renaissance heyday. The streets and heritage buildings are well preserved and are still
constructed of the red and pink marbles that have been quarried out of the hills of the nearby

The whole city of Verona became World Heirtage Site on the year 2000 based on criteria (ii) and (iv). Its architecture and urban structure has outstanding example of a town that has developed progressively and continusly over 2000 years. Verona also shows an exceptional way the concept of fortified town of European history.

And here’re photos of my family : mba Tika, Riccardo and Dante Raditia.

The last picture was taken by my sister. It was me in Castelvecchio! 😀 Thank you for stopping by and comments are loved 🙂

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