DVIPA Bulletin : A Story to Tell

1Hello again,

Some friends ask me about DVIPA Bulletin and what kind of independent project which I worked on recently. It’s quite a long story to tell the reason of making DVIPA Indonesia bulletin.
During my stay in Osaka, I have one best friend from Italy. She is from Padua, the city where Romeo and Juliet’s story comes from. I am impressed with her complete story of Roman history and she can explain well about Italian culture. I honestly feel shy because I only know few things about my own country. Well, I know that Indonesia has more than 400 ethnics and I should know tons of story to tell. But I end up quiet and feel like I am not Indonesian since I know a little about my own culture. Ok then, the other story is when I moved to Beijing on 2012 and I met Chinese friend who is impressed by my country. She asked me where I came from and I said Indonesia. She honestly told me that she have no idea about Indonesia. She asked me to show my Chinese visa and it is written 印尼/ 印度尼西亚 and she asked whether my country has many islands.

We looked at Chinese simplified character, we found that that 印度尼西亚 means Indonesia. . 印度 means India & 尼西亚 means Islands/Nesos (from Greek language). Based on this Chinese character, Chinese people can understand easily that Indonesia is an archipelago country. From that conversation she wonders about Indonesia and she surprised about Indonesia’s unity in diversity.

I think Indonesia has rich culture and stories to tell but only few Indonesian aware to their own history. From few experiences above, me and friends are thinking to document Indonesia culture and heritage information. I previously worked in Bawomataluo Nias architecture research activity with my professor from Gadjah Mada Univ and Tsukuba Univ. I also have second chance to do the Nias research activity with friend from Harvard Graduate School of Design. With this experiences, me and friends want to collect the research activities and then share it to people around the world.

The aim of creating DVIPA Bulletin is to become a tool and platform in sharing and spreading DVIPA’s vision in this project. I want to share the information and knowledge about Indonesian culture and heritage. DVIPA Buletin also want to invite people to realize that there are many places in Indonesia and the culture itself that need “our hands” to give it appreciation.
DVIPA Buletin intended to provide the information and impress not only local travelers but also international. Mostly, the international travelers only know about Bali instead of other places like Pulau Nias, Tana Toraja, Papua and others. So, I realize that many Indonesian culture and heritage are facing extinction because it only has small (almost none) recognition and appreciation from Indonesian people themselves. This issues have driven me and friends to create this project by using the Bulletin, because as we know that people love to read an interesting article with great pictures inside. Beside, in the photo gallery section, we want to show the beauty of Indonesian culture heritage and tourism site.

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The content of DVIPA Bulletin will be about culture and heritage, tourism, architecture, local crafts, and arts. The contributor in DVIPA Bulletin will be from National Geographic Indonesia photographers, Gadjah Mada Univ – Tsukuba Univ – Harvard GSD professors and researcher, young illustrator who has made artistry about Nias.I believe that DVIPA Bulletin will gain a lot of attention from public because we bring up the information and knowledge about the uniqueness of Indonesia culture and heritage that able to give a spirit to the people in order to preserve our culture and heritage. I have ever read an article about world heritage issue and I found one quote which is important :

It is said that history and culture are the main power of the country.
Once it disappears, then the civilization will be gone.

Right now DVIPA bulletin has already been distributed in The Reading Room Kemang Jakarta, May Island Coffee & Library in Gangnam Area Seoul, Asean Youth Creative Fair in Fatahillah Kota Tua, and later will be placed in Embassy of Indonesia in Seoul, also in SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asia Youth Program) 2015’s Culture Exhibition in Nipponmaru.

Well, sometime when I travel alone somewhere in the world and find a nice café, I always try to find a book or magazine to read. I often found many inspiring article which makes me smile and dream about my future plan. I wish this bulletin could inspire some of you who read and encourage you to have more spirit in life!

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