Artistic Ambience in Seoulspace

Seoul is home to over 10,000,000 people,
400,000 of whom are foreigners,
Seoul has about 6oo kilometers of bicycle tracks
and around 5,700 bicycle rental stations.
Seoul has 34 museums, 481 libraries and 74 theatres.
Seoul is home to 44,000 Vietnam War veterans
And 30,000 Korean War veterans.

Seoul is the gross energy
Accumulated by the daily lives of Seoulites.
Therefore, if one can feel that the past, present, and future are entangled in Seoul,
It is not the intended result of a deliberate design.
Just as waves do not hit any certain spot on purpose,
Seoul is a grand city that just happened to turn out as it is today.

In this city, as any other, are artists.
(from creative community COS X SEOUL)

When I was in Seoul, I could feel the spirit of Korean youth fulfill the city. Seoul has many open space which allow citizen to express their talents. Some of my top rated places such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Take Out Drawing Cafe & Museum, Hongdae area, Insa Dong, etc.

P1160515 copy



Dongdaemun Design Plaza or DDP is an architectural landscape that revolves around the ancient city wall and cultural artifacts discovered during archaeological excavations preceding DDP’s construction.
This building is designed by Zaha Hadid. It is also the first public project in Korea to utilize the 3-Dimensional Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. The theme of this plaza is Dream, Design and Play. The Plaza provides space for local designers to exhibit their work of art to visitors, musical instruments to be played by public, open space for musical events, conference hall, design museum, design lab, and cafe. I managed to visit DDP on this October and there’re 2 events : Seoul Fashion Week 2015 SS and Urban Design Exhibition : Toward a Meta City.

P1150933 copy

P1150918 copy

P1150930 copy

Well, as many people know that today Seoul seems to lost its originality with a new urban landscape. So some designers think about reestablish the identity with realistic and social intentions. They take 3 goals to solve the problem : revival of history, restoration of nature, and renewal of people’s lives.
It shows 7 different on going projects in Seoul which show the new approach of urban fabric of Seoul : Sewonn Mega Complex, Projects for The Social Sistainability of New Village Gija-CHon, Yongsan Park development, The Mapo Oil Depot, The Community Building in Seoul, Scientific Conservation and Creative Intervention on Seoul City Wall, and The Project for the Baeksa Village Residential Area Preservation. It is well exhibited and it’s attracted guest to visit each part of the exhibition. Well, since the event is in the same day with Seoul Fashion Week, so mostly the guest are from SFW and they dress up really well. 🙂
P1150870 copy

P1150912 copy

P1150898 copy

P1150934 copy


P1150901 copy


So this time, SFW 2015 was held in DDP and there’re 3 type of event : Seoul Collection, Generation Next, and Seoul Fashion Fair. Seoul Collection is from senior designers and it is considered as the distinguished collection among all along with the growth of Korean Fashion Industry. Generation Next is for upcoming designers or it can be called Independent designers. And Seoul Fashion Fair is provided for participants to expand their business internationally. I am really happy to attend great event which full of optimist and creative young designers. I also manage to meet one of YG K+ Model trainee and it’s intersting to hear their stories about how to survive in the fashion industry and pass the hard times to pursue their dreams. I think many Korean youth has huge energy, passion and spirit to follow their future dreams.

Next place is Take Out Drawing & Museums is a museum built upon making a single statement on drawing. Since 2006, takeout drawing has operated without external institutional support, and is a new form of brand in facilitating a sustainable cultural site as a “self-generating development”.
IMG_0478 copy

P1160228 copy copy


Takeout Drawing offers the “Café Residency” opportunity, which invites artists to explore their artistic practise at the Takeout Drawing venue. Café residency is a program that offers the artists two months of free usage of the space for their creative work. Unlike institutionalized places of art, the program takes the café as public space and experiments on its creative possibility.
As many café historically have been critical places for artists inspiration and lively debate, visitors become eye-witnesses of cutting-edge contemporary art, at all stages of the creative art process in the artist-conceived Café Residency, whilst enjoying their coffee and tea.


P1150317_1 copy

P1150322 copy

P1140751 copy


P1140749 copy

P1140756 copy
While other café called MMMG(millimeter milligram) is a café, stationary and furniture shop. All stationary and souvenir are contemporer and designed by local designer. Their design inspirations are from daily life of Seoul’s designers, Seoul’s activity and from designer’s own experiences.

Beside cafe, Seoul also have cool place called Digital Archive. It is located near MMCA (museum of Modern Contemporary Art) and in samcheong-dong area.


I am happy to be there because they provide many cool design books , digital design file such as photography, architecture, interior , etc. Digital archive is also provide cozy interior so that people can read magazine or book there peacefully!!! It’s a place to gain some inspiration and rest for a while from the bustling city of Seoul. 🙂
Talking about univ in Korea, i like to visit Ewha and Hongik Univ.
When I came to Ewha Womans University, I was surprised that I could meet “Luminous Orbits” designer. Yes, her name is Dorothy Deon and I think I’m lucky to meet her in this exhibition.
P1160645 copy

P1160640 copy

P1160630 copy
She is a visual artist in New York and she was graduated from Ewha Womans Univ (class 1968). She was actually accomplished as interior designer but she did not give up her passion for fine arts. Her works are numerous dots in luminous colors form series of circle or flowers. Her canvases are covered with rhythmic movement of blissfully dancing colors and the waves of light spread far and wide. Her biggest subject of life and glory on earth and heaven has been pursued for more than forty years of her artistic journey. In her exhibition, I think people will be able to catch a glimpse of a magnificent, yet intimate domain of her creative passion.
Thanks Mrs. Dorothy for the sharing and wish to see your next exhibition!

Well,I mentioned before that I also like to visit Hongik University because it has cool street performance or korean call it busking. Local student, independent artist, and anyone can express their talent in Hongik area by doing dance performance, busking/play music and sing a song, etc . The ambience is very awesome and I think it is a rejuvenating place in Seoul.


P1140626 copy

P1150336 copy

if you came to Seoul , I think you could sense the great taste of aesthetic in spaces and daily fashion. Btw, comments are welcomed.

credit : faniatmanti

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