Bawömataluo Village, Nias : The Space Which Can Move People in The Fraction of a Second

Buildings that have a strong impact always convey an intense feeling of their spatial quality. They embrace the mysterious void called space in a special way and make it vibrate. (Zumthor, 2006, pp.21-22)

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Looking deep into Bawömataluo’s settlement : the west entrance offers a panorama – the facades row wooden housing of Omo Hada, the menhir, daro-daro, stone carving and stone pavement. Observe the won¬derful range of noises : conversations nearby in Nias language, footsteps on the middle of stone pavement, bird noise, murmuring from the old ladies on mbele-mbele (pedestrian outside Omo Hada), people hide and peek from the back of jara-jara (horizontal lattice wall), no engine sounds, no cars, pleasantly fresh and warm temperature. It’s almost like the situation in the ancient Megalithic period.
Peter Zumthor said that the quality of architecture is when the atmosphere of the space can moves people in the fraction of a second. It is touching people’s emotional sensibility.
Looking back to Bawömataluo, it has the quality architecture of living monu¬ment.

Here are some black and white pictures of Nias Island :

2 copy

20 copy

P1090970 copy

9 copy

23 copy


P1150668 copy

P1150537 copy

P1150532 copy

P1150505 copy

P1150436 copy

P1150413 copy

P1100181 copy

P1100033 copy
P1090869 copy

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Credit : faniatmanti

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