Unique Expression in ArtJog 2014

Have you ever heard about ArtJog before?

It is an international contemporary art fair based in Yogyakarta and it’s a space for artists to present their artworks. This year theme is Legacies of Power. I was thinking that the topic is about Legacies of Power because presidential election will take place in the coming month.






Artists have freedom of expression for their artworks so it’s quite interesting to see their honest way of thinking about Legacies of Power. Some of the artwork try to capture about democracy by looking back at the history such as diplomacy bids, wars, democratic styles and some of the artwork are hope for the better future of the political life in Indonesia.

Well the Gunny Doll cabinet is impressive because its size and arranged hierarchically on a staircase and replace the façade of Taman Budaya. The character of each gunny dolls somehow reminds me of the Indonesia’s government cabinet. I also wonder why the artist use gunny as an artwork material. I think in ancient times, gunny is traditionally for clothes and it is also a material to pack food stuff in colonial times. Does is it mean that the artwork also related to the poverty and hard time in previous history of Indonesia?






There’s an interesting artwork called Ilusi Kebebasan (The Illusion of Freedom). I think it is about the concept of freedom. The artwork is beautiful but it is place inside the box and we could only see it from small hole. The power will give restriction for freedom and the peep holes means the limitation to see the artwork. Emm, it reminds me to Ai Wei Wei, a Chinese artist who is questioning about China’s government and the founder of Communist in China. At the end he end up been arrested and harassed.



Among all the artwork I like these two artworks :



The first picture is a round painting with Chinese character on it. I can see there’s 福(fú) means luck and these characters put upside down. The Chinese word for “luck is put upside down” is 福倒 and it is pronounced as fúdào. Actually this same pronounciation can be written in the different Chinese character: 福到 which means luck will arrive. As I know in Chinese culture, if character 福 is put upside down mean the people wish that luck will arrive soon. Probably the artist wishes luck for politic life in Indonesia.

And the other impressive artwork is the black and white mask photo. The title of the artwork is Kepalsuan. It is an artwork by Bambang Antasuwiryo. I was thinking that the photos represent current leaders in Indonesia. They do explain great campaign and mission for future Indonesia. But we actually don’t know whether it is a masquerade or not.

Well, ArtJog gives me unique expression of current and past politic life. Did you visit ArtJog 2014 ? What do you think about the artwork and the art expression?

Last, my picture in one of multimedia installation called Rise and Shine. This pic was taken by Seto. Thank you 🙂

Credit : faniatmanti

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