Journey to Beijing

Many of my friends and family ask me : Why should Beijing? It is the city of striving, bustling and the home of more than 20 million people. They think that I am more interested to study about Japanese architecture so why should Beijing?


Well, yes, I am interested to learn about East Asia’s architecture esp. Japan. I got a chance to learn and work with Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma and they offered me Beijing office last year. I have never visited China and I think it’s a good chance for me to explore China. I do understand that I will face language barrier, cultural differences, difficult to access common social media (facebook, youtube, twitter) and antithetical bureaucratic. At first I think it’ll be difficult to be in Beijing so I am afraid to take the chance. Also, on October-November 2012 I was in Korea for Indonesia-Korea inter-governmental youth program so I had less chance to manage my journey to Beijing. But surprisingly, I could get the visa, flight ticket and last minute accommodation LOL, and yap… I finally fly to Beijing ☺
Emmm, Beijing, like many people say, it is one of the most crowded city in the world. It is rich in its arts, customs, cultures, and beliefs.
About the city itself, Beijing has a living history. When you walk into central business district, Chaoyangmen, or Sanlitun area, you will find many skyscrapers designed by world famous architect such as CCTV by OMA, SOHO Galaxy by Zaha Hadid, and Sanlitun Village by Kengo Kuma, etc.


From there, I could also find historic neighborhood where the buildings have existed for more than 400 years and see traditional cart pass through the hutong.



exit of The Forbidden City

This complex city help me to learn more about China’s culture. I found out that the longer I stay, the more I study.
I think I always get interesting experience during my stay in Beijing. The experiences which make me laugh out loud, cry, happy and sad. I like the colorful people here, unique atmosphere and things that I can’t even describe into a word. You should be here to understand about Beijing.
2 pictures of me in Heaven’s Temple. I met Tibetan people there and took a picture with them ☺ Hopefully someday I could visit Tibet! Anyway, thanx for reading my story about Beijing!

P1040381 copy
*I remember when the first time I came to Beijing, there’s no people beside my seat on flight so I have more space. But I couldn’t sleep at all during the flight because I think too much about how to reach my new apartment (since I got last minute accommodation, 2 or 3 hours before my flight to Beijing), how to register to local policemen for residence permit, and learn basic Chinese word to talk to taxi driver. LOL

photo credit : faniatmanti

5 thoughts on “Journey to Beijing

    • Thanx Yugo. Btw, I have ever visited your blog too! It’s awesome… Kok iso gawe video garang bgt??? Terutama yg sepeda kui, apik polll. Mesti larang yo gawe video di kamu? Hehehe

    • Halo nyan… Makasih udah mampir blog ku 🙂
      Iya selalu pake eyeliner ni,hehe. Thanx nyan… Yg uniqlo warna warni bgt jadi enak ngambil gmbnya, ga perlu nunggu cahaya matahari yg pas 🙂

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