Save Orangutan (Spinning Agriculture Vertical) -design proposal for Evolo 2012-

Me and my friends Aji + Pak Ridha joined Evolo Competition 2012. We made a proposal called “Save Orangutan” and the location took place in Kalimantan Barat/West Borneo. Here’s the explanation :

Orangutan are the only extant great ape and living arboreal animal who can be found in Sumatera and Borneo. They spend their lives in the forest canopy, use variety of sophisticated tools and make sleeping nest from branches and foliage. They have a very important ecological role that is well-functioned and beneficial for human life. They can prevent erosion, regulate land use for water , ensure the sustainability of forest habitat and social-economic support for society.

Orangutan’s life is currently confronted with serious problems such as :
•    overlapping in a land use allocation
Such habitat loss and fragmentation has been devastating to orangutan populations, with the acceleration of palm oil plantation having dramatically increased incidents of direct conflict between orangutan and human, as orangutan are forced out of degraded forest in to plantation in search of food.
•    illegal animal trade
•    animal hunting and massacre
These factors are responsible for the loss of more than 80% of orangutan over the last 20 years.  The population of orangutan in Borneo is estimated to decline more than 8% each year. That is why they need to be preserved.

From the above issue, we highlight the problems between human and orangutan. The project is providing  a space that can unite human, orangutan, city, and forest into a single entity and create harmony symbiosis. The project tries to inversed it so that orangutan need people to their life and expected to have great symbiosis.
This space has 5 main functions such as:
•    Tree of the City
Borneo Island famous as Lung of the World. This project will let Borneo Island to have additional greenery on the Kapuas River. This project will reduce pollution. The space is not just a building but it is also a living organism on earth.
•    Orangutan’s habitat
This space provide special daily nutritious for orangutan and human life. This nutritious are from “urban farming”. This urban farm allows fresh vegetables and fruits products to be made available to urban customers. The idea comes from the tree and inverted hill. The tree has branches grow up with the leaves and finally producing some fruits. While hill and ground is a place to have a farming  or plantation activity. The skyscraper has core which is functioned as main structure. This core is connecting some levels which are functioned as farming area.

•    Connecting circulation
It is typical in Borneo Island to meet two cities separated by a river.  This space is making a connection into this two cities.
The idea comes from orangutan daily activity in their habitat. They swing to one tree to another in each day to find nutritious substance for eating and bring material to build nest.
The idea is transforming this orangutan and tree relationship in the skyscraper. Skyscraper as orangutan itself located on the Kapuas river and as connector between 2 cities. The designers took the silhouette for the form.
•    Water Purification
This space process bad quality water and rain water. The water comes from Kapuas river will be purified with the help of filtration, heat energy from solar cell, and finally distribute to cities around Kapuas river and to building itself for the daily need of orangutan. It is selected to use solar cell because Borneo Island lies on equator area and it has great sunlight energy.
•    Recreation and education
This space provide hydraulic tube as vertical transportation,  learn about orangutan, to travel around building while facing a  lifetime experience of the wild life of orangutan.

Design : Muhammad Ridha, Fani Atmanti, Ignatius Brahmono Aji

photo credit : as tagged

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