A Photo Essay Part. 2

Another photo essay from me, enjoy!

Location : Osaka-Nara-Kanazawa-Koya San Japan and Insa-Dong Seoul, South Korea

While looking macroscopically, city view looks sparkling and marvelous

While looking microscopically, city view looks so complicated and complex.

(Umeda Sky Building, Osaka January 9th 2010)


Cherry blossom occurs in a very short period of time.

The grandeur come and leave in a rush.

That’s  why, human people walk through the Cherry Blossom’s tunnel to runaway for a while from a weary and fatigued of life.

(Banpaku Kinen Koen, Osaka Japan April 11th 2010)


There are one, two, three and lots of destinations in our life.

Each destination has its own venture

Each venture will guide us to the high

Dear me, which way to be chosen?

(Nara Japan, April 6th 2010)


When it comes to Korea, I see an utopia and happiness.

I don’t know whether it is a masquerade or not.

(Korean Traditional Mask, Insa-Dong Seoul South Korea, February 27th 2010)


While curiosity and creativity are growing simultaneously, new inventions are discovered.

(21st Century Museum – SANAA, Kanazawa Japan, June 19th 2010)



2 thoughts on “A Photo Essay Part. 2

  1. Your photos justify what it is to be in those places… Especially the one taken from the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Really good.

    Have you checked out share houses in Tokyo? It’s also a unique part of the culture here… Info about it can be read in this blog. Come on UP share houses

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