Final Design Part 1 : Nitiprayan Kindergarten Flyer

This is a flyer for my final presentation. The reason why I made this flyer just because I can’t explain really well in the presentation. I actually have 1 week for the preparation but at that time many things happen and I cant do it perfectly 😦

I decide to use this flyer for helping me explain the design to the 先生。
I put 4 main icons from the kindergarten design and explain it shortly. While on the front page I explain the design transformation, give some building perspective views and a short quote about my idea for the children and this kindergarten. The quote :

I want to design a kindergarten which is easy to be touched and felt by them. It means that this building presents little moments of beauty that they have experienced in their daily life such as play and joking with friends, seeing the beautiful sky, touch and feel the rainfall, see some flowers growing.
Such Moment make them happy and start to learn from environment. I want them to share their happiness and new skills.

I will put the explanation of the design on my blog soon .

One thought on “Final Design Part 1 : Nitiprayan Kindergarten Flyer

  1. Wow! I’m also designing a school for little kids [k-4] for my 4th year studio project… My design too involves hexagons and that’s how I happened to come across your work… Great presentation… Got some more inspiration from you 🙂

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