The Model… 幼稚園のデザイン

Hi,it`s me again. It`s been long time I haven`t updated my blog. First because I have tons of homeworks, prepare everything before going back to Indonesia and also I dont have JCom Internet connection again. Icancel for August so that I dont need to pay more,hihi…

Well, my study here is about kindergarten and its relation to children`s psychology. This month, I need to submit the model also posters. Well,since I havent had the real site in my home city, what I should do here is propose a basic concept of my kindergarten. Well, i did it,it took 6months to finish the concept process. The other 6 months here are for site, building and children survey.

Well, the explanation about my concept will be posted here. I will upload the posters and explanation. So here, these are 2 pics of my model. I use Polystyrene foam and バルサウッド。

credit : as tagged on the photo

taken by : Canon EOS450D

2 thoughts on “The Model… 幼稚園のデザイン

  1. Nice Picture for Archigraphy, but i don’t understand what some architecture did you take… please tell about at my blog. I have some archigraphy picture collection too… please visit my blog…

  2. hi
    thanx for visiting my blog
    I actually take random pics of architecture
    but for this picture
    I took my own model.
    This is my design for kindergarten.
    This model is not detail but only basic cncept for my kindergarten
    I made his for my kinderfarten research in Japan.

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