Kindergarten Concept and Explanation 幼稚園のポスタ

Hi, this is the 2nd post about my study here in 大阪。 I have an exchange here for a year and my study is about kindergarten based on children:s psychology. The 1st semester I did kindergarten survey, children observation and literature study and this semester I make a design for my kindergarten. Well the design is not complete,it`s just basic concept and my proposal for programming, environment and the additional furniture. I haven`t gotten the site from Yogyakarta, so that here I make the concept 1st.

Everytime i start to design something, i always think too much and in the end I do nothing,ahahhaha. but then here, my professor Yokota 先生 helps me a lot finding new concept. When i just sit and try to make something with paper, he said that might be ur design,and I try to fold some paper and make it as additional furniture,XD. Why I really want to make this additional furniture? because I want children have something different in their kindergarten. Usually, children have art/drawing class inside classroom and they need to sit face the table and blackboard. but here I want to make a furniture that allow he children to be outside at draw on the furniture. To make it more fun, children can use the furniture for hanging their own artworks,it`ll fun I think. In other word that additional furniture can be used as exhibition display. The other function, for Hide and Seek. Well, folding shape,people will think it`s dangerous for children but because the sixe is big and if the carpenter blunt the edge of each wood,it won`t be dangerous right? Children will be more interested to the shape that is asymmetric and unstable like paper folding. Also, do you know, children in kindergarten age will have fake personalities when they are watched too much by the teachers. I learn from some kindergarten here, some teachers pretend not to control one student while making an artwork, and at the end they can work perfectly. Sometime children will be really shy and scare when the teacher stand behind them and watch their work.  That`s why in this furniture, paper folding shape look alike :-D, children will sit separately and a bit difficult to see each other, also the teacher can watch them from far but children won`t feel to be supervised. Ok then, some of the explanation can be found in this poster. If someone has question,just write comment here. Anyway thanx for reading.

credit : as tagged on the picture

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Concept and Explanation 幼稚園のポスタ

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