Presentation about Indonesia

Last year, I saw “English Speaker” brochure stamped on the OU International House office’s information wall. It’s quite weird,i mean I can get 6000yen if  I gave them a presentation about my country..wowww,I wont get that amount of money by doing simple presentation in my country. I kept asking to myself, why people in here give money only for 2hours presentation???Might be because they’re too rich,XDDD

Well, so I apply for it and I got the chance on Feb 2010. The presentation was located in Senri Chuo in art and culture building. There’re 10 Japanese who can speak English and see my presentation about my country. I had 2 kinds of presentation, 1st about Ind : culture, traditional vs modern building, traditional vs modern clothes, transportation, food,etc. And2nd presentation focus on Bali top places. I though they will be bored with my presentation. But I was wrong, they kept asking me all time and they were so excited to see Indonesia in real life. One thing that made me surprise. There’s an old Japanese man,he’s about 65-70. I thought he want to ask me something but he just said that he thanx to me because I reminded him with beautiful memories in Indonesia. Wowww,he has ever lived in Bogor,Yogya,etc for 8years and he can speak Indonesian well…He just said he love people in Jogja,tradition,athmosphere even he want to spend his old-life in my city…Wow, I’m so proud of my city!and yes I agree with him, I meet many incredible people in my city. They are kind,helpful and humble. They actually extraordinary people but they never feel so proud of them. I know it’s impossible to meet all people with great personalities but I have met many in my city and I’m proud of them.

For example,I have ever met a painter. He lives in West part of Jogja. His paintings are so expensive, even international artists admire and order his paintings. But he’s not arrogant at all. When I came to his gallery,he greet me really well,he presented me oishii snack and tea. Obviously,he’s really rich but he always use bicylce to go around Jogja. He can buy luxury car but he doesn’t want because he said he want to be close with small people I mean low income people and he doesnt want to make pollution for nature so that he wont use car. He’s incredible,isn’t he? Ok it’s just one example..

Ok see u then!!!

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