Long-Range Strategy education in Japan’s Kindergarten n Nursery School.

“How sad that by age three or four, children might already be labelled as having less chance for success than some of his classmates.” (Joseph J. Tobin, David Y.H Wu, Dana H Davidson. Preschool in three Culture.1989.page 25)


It’s a great experience to be in here. I know,I postpone my study for 1 year. I missed some courses, preparation for final project. But,that’s not a big problem for my life,XDDD

Here I visit some kindergartens for my pra TA n TA(final project).Well, it is interesting to know how Japanese do for education in kindergarten. Play, great experience,study daily activities and freedom. I think this is the key. They use this key to teach the student how to be a person. They build a basic behavior start in an early age. This system is a long-range strategy for promoting children’s educational success later in life. They don’t force the children to study hard but they teach how to behave so that while they’re growin up, they can become independent student with outstanding behavior and this is “success” for Japanese. Success is not about achieve an award and get many compliments,praised by other people. But success is how do you understand the human feeling, balance between individualism and groupism.

“We don’t encourage children to fight, but children need to fight when they are young if they are to develop into complete human beings.” (Yoshizawa sensee) (page 33, Preschool in Three Culture)

Well,back to kindergarten. Otonoha kindergarten gives children a really important education about how people need to respect farmer by knowing how difficult planting rice in ricefield. They are taugh how to plan their main food and see the growth of it. In architectural system, this kindergarten gives different circulation to the children. 1st circulation is to enter the building on 1st floor. It is near the main gate and goes through the tunnel. This is the nearest entrance from gate and it is dedicated for teacher,guests and baby circulation. While for children age 4-5years old,they need to go through tunnel, walk on the deck near rice field, and through huge playground,then go up in the hill by stairs and find the entrance.   This will give children new experince and freedom so that they can gain the creativity.

Other kindergarten is Maihara,bubbletecture. This kindergarten has unique shape. The intersting bubbleroof,attract the children then it’ll touch their behavior to become more excite.

Last kindergarten is Fuji Kindergarten, it is located in Tachikawa pref Tokyo. This kindergarten has multiple playground. They give children more space to play and also there’s a hole on roof. This hole is covered by rope node structure. It can hold 1ton weight. Children can play, stand,and lay on here. They get great experience so that they always happy to do whole activities in kindergarten.

Well, do you know why sometimes we lost our creativity?

Ehmmm, there’s a child age 4-5 years old. She like to make original constructions of a new doll, game, etc. She makes a new invention and believe that what’s  done are great. But then, by getting older, she become less confident. If people want to see her new invention/construction, she will destroy it. It happen because sometime, children give negative respons of her invention and it made her feel so bad. Children commonly want to be accepted in a social community so that they leave that ideas. I think that it is the worst things for them. It is important to let them create special ideas and creativity, this can allow them to be an outstanding person someday.

Thanx to : Yokota sensee, Itami sensee, Misako San for helping me to get the survey permission.


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