Past, Present and Future Message in Jewish Museum, Berlin

Throwing back to my university life, I remember that there’s one architect who inspire my study and design. At that time I had to do thematic studio assignment about museum and should find… Continue reading

Bawömataluo : dragging us back to Megalithic period thousand years ago

I think it was on 2009 I met a best friend from Italy during my study exchange in Osaka University. I was so surprised because she could explain me about the complete history… Continue reading

TANA TORAJA : Sacred, Indigenous and Mesmerizing space

It took quite a long journey, the bus ride along the edge of South Sulawesi to reach the upland of Tana Toraja. It was raining hard, dark but the cool air is a… Continue reading

Europe through my eyes and sketches

On May 2013, I had a chance to visit Europe. At that time I visited Munich, Berlin, Montevarchi, Siena, Florence, Rome, Venice, and Paris. I think each city has its own unique characteristic… Continue reading

A Photo Essay “IKYEP 2012″

IKYEP stands for Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program. It is an inter governmental youth exchange program which is held by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family South Korea and Ministry of Youth and Sport… Continue reading

Travel deep into China’s rural area, “Mutianyu” Great Wall

It was Chinese New Year 2013 holiday and I had  almost a week holiday after work overtime during the day. Yap architect work life is always fulfill with project deadline. The Beijing’s weather… Continue reading

Journey to Beijing

Many of my friends and family ask me : Why should Beijing? It is the city of striving, bustling and the home of more than 20 million people. They think that I am… Continue reading

Winter in Beijing (2012-2013)

Winter in Beijing, emmm how I should describe? Arriving on a winter day in Beijing, you will feel the very cold wind, bold grey tree – not even single leave, and white landscape… Continue reading

Relationship between Seoulspace, Human Behavior and Culture in Contemporary City of Seoul and Busan, South Korea (IKYEP 2012 Part 4)

A stream running beneath the city street, gurgled contentedly A place to escape for a while from the bustling and uproar of the downtown A place to sit in the shade underneath the… Continue reading

A Story about Ewha Womans Univ. IKYEP 2012 (Part 3)

Ewha Women University, Mr.Kim, who is a coordinator in IKYEP 2012 Korea phase, divided us into several groups and gave some unique missions. My team are Lauditta, Tya, and three others Korean delegations.… Continue reading